Things To Do In San Francisco

There are many things to do in San Francisco. You can take a tour of Alcatraz, ride the cable cars, check out Beach Blanket Babylon, eat chowder at Fisherman's Wharf, drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, or take in a play at Union Square. Without discounts, though, your list of things to do in San Francisco will be sadly shortened by cash concerns. Get rid of that budget with coupons and half price tickets that let you see more. There are so many things to do in San Francisco that you don’t want to limit yourself. With 1/2 price tickets, you don’t have to. You can take in more of the San Francisco Bay Area and still have cash left over for a dinner out.

eastbayentertainmentEast Bay Arts & Entertainment – East Bay Entertainment and Arts are equal to anything reachable by bridge or BART, as some of the Bay Area’s greatest theatres will attest to. If you’re interested in intimate looks at some of Shakespeare’s finest dramas, world premieres…
criticamasssanfrancisco1Get out and enjoy San Francisco – There are many, many things to do in San Francisco week in and week out. To actually sit down and pound out a comprehensive article on the keyboard of my computer would take weeks, perhaps months to accomplish.