San Francisco Theater Tickets

San Francisco theater tickets tend to be more scarce and pricey than tickets to Alcatraz, the cable cars and tickets to most attractions. That’s because everyone wants San Francisco theater tickets – locals, tourists, artistes. Let’s face it: San Francisco theater tickets are the hottest tickets in town. That does not mean that you have to pay full price, though. Savvy San Fran natives know that there are coupons and even half price San Francisco theater tickets to be had. Secure your own 1/2 price San Francisco theater tickets and have the satisfaction of holding the hottest tickets in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you want to see musicals, dramas or experimental pieces, discounts on San Francisco theater tickets put you in the roar of the crowd.

bayareahalfpriceticketsBay Area 1/2 Price Tickets – In today’s economy, theatre is not most people’s first concern when it comes to spending money. With exorbitant prices running at fifty dollars a person for a Saturday night show, entertainment generally stops at the movie theatre.
San Francisco Chronicle’s Little Man – Most review ratings mean nothing. One star, three stars, five stars, diamonds, forks and spoons, letter grades and thumbs: what do these actually translate as? However, there is one rating system that makes sense, both iconic..