Orpheum Theatre

Plays at the Orpheum Theater in the San Francisco Bay Area offer an amazing level of entertainment. If you’ve checked out the usual suspects -- Alcatraz, Beach Blanket Babylon, Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge -- during the daytime, make sure that you treat yourself to a show at the Orpheum Theater in the evening. Secure some discounts and 1/2 price tickets with coupons and you’ll be able to make a full day of it and still have cash to go out at night. Or, use your half price tickets to check out more shows at the Orpheum Theater. It’s your choice.

currantheatresanfrancisco1San Francisco’s Elaborate Orpheum Theatre – Alexander Pantages opened The Orpheum Theatre in 1926. The name is taken from the Greek myth of Orpheus. It’s said that his music and poetry were so remarkable that even the gods were awestruck.
currantheatreThe Orpheum Theatre is filled with history – It’s a Saturday evening. Downtown San Francisco day life has already died down. The night life is starting to sprawl. On the Corner of Market and 8th street, the words ORPHEUM light up.