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chron_man Bisceglie’s SF Follies small_logo Something new and exciting has just opened in San Francisco. It’s the San Francisco Follies and it’s terrific! The San Francisco Follies is a flashy, fast- paced show that really takes on the city with potshots at every place, everybody and everything. It’s a barrel of laughs! It has young, fresh, and talented performers who play multiple roles. Among the portrayals are Mayor Gavin Newsom, Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Go see the SF Follies. You’ll laugh your head off!” – Jerry Friedman, KGO Radio SF Follies Audience Reviews: Fantastic, tongue in cheek, musical revue. Incredible costumes, choreography and talent. The best show I’ve seen in a year. See it! You’ll LOVE it! AMAZING!!! I was sitting at the edge of my sitting throughout the entire musical. I laughed so hard that my muscles were sore. The costumes, stage settings, and props really added to the theatrical aspect. The writer of this piece exhibited sheer creativity, great sense of humor, and solid knowledge of SF through this musical. It was fun, witty, clever and just plain enjoyable. Lots of songs, lots of talent . . . a fun evening. FANTASTIC preformance!!! Non-stop, well preformed action. Clever, witty and whimiscal spoof on San Francisco icons, and icons-to-be. Great fun, great value. Major potential for full-length musical. It was so much fun! I took my husband who HATES musicals, and he actually enjoyed it! I was laughing so much my cheeks hurt…also the cast was impresive! Loved the choice of songs! I wished it would have gone on for longer… Great bang for the buck, and fun for the entire family. Definitely not just for tourists! This is a fun, very clever show and my husband and I recommend it highly! Great show, very funny. A History lesson, city tour and comedy all in one. Tourists as well as true San Franciscan’s will really appreciate the comedy behind it. I saw the Follies last Friday and can’t say enough about it!! This is a must see performance. The actors were right on, of course they the had the best writing possible. I was touched by the recap at the end, very sensitive. I encourage all to see it.. A hilarious look at San Francisco. I was laughing the entire time. Read more reviews